You have the capacity to amaze yourself:s

There have many numerous occasions on shopping days and more so when I was setting up my new house and home office when I wanted to badly pick up a piece of art and then the label would scream a price that could send my wallet in its hiding place. and sure enough in a couple of trips I had understood that while the things out there were also within my budget they were not necessarily compatible with my taste for them.

The things I would have like to pick up as a décor for my new places were tad bit expensive than I could afford. For example, there was this painting of a belle who looked like she was from the southern part of Asia. So there! The painting caught my attention immediately because the artist had not tried to make it glossy by giving her a snobbish air or making her wear expensive clothes. the painting was a real portrait of a girl probably in her teens who looked starved and depressed and sat there squatting wearing mismatched clothes on herself.

The painting did have some effect on me and I also realized that the painter was of an Indian origin. The honesty in the portrait shone across from within and spoke to me. The fact was that the painting was slightly overpriced since half the proceeds were supposed to go to an organization which the artist supported. So, howsoever the nobility of the cause, I could not afford to pick it up. But the painting stayed on my mind for a very long time to come and I wondered how I could find another piece of art that spoke to me in this way. Of course, photography courses online can help with this, even if photographs are different form of art.

My recent visit to India:

It was only recently that I had undertaken a trip to the Indian subcontinent for a tuk tuk race and I had the opportunity to be able to see the culture the people and get a firsthand experience of the colorful country. But of course, I was taken in by the misery and the poverty of a section of the population. The marginalized section did make up for an interesting piece of study but I cannot disagree that it was slightly disturbing as well.

That trip had given me the hope and the confidence of using my DSLR and how? I was uncaringly using it to capture the colorful scenarios from outside the trains to the ornately dressed camels and elephants in the backdrop of the desert sand dunes.

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