About Me

One day suddenly:

I have been a psychologist all my life and I have been really successful in my practice. Needless to say the erratic nature of work and reading up on recent medical journals hardly left time for me to pursue my interest in photography.

I have been around the world when in university clicking away to glory with my then newly acquired DSLR and even though I knew that I was very talented with the lenses, my heart was in the academics.

Time passed by and I was doing up a new house and office:

A chance visit to a décor shop had me hooked to the idea of blowing up my photographs into pieces of art that could adorn the walls of my own little palace!

After the successful experiment a lot of people tried to ask me to lend some of the prints to the ones that I put u in my living place but I did not relent for fear that it would become too commonplace and lose its uniqueness. 

Follow your heart; it is where your happiness lies:

Today, even after a decade when I look around my place I smile thinking of the superb memories that are still fresh in my memory thanks to being surrounded by them always probably till I last!

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