I wanted to learn

I had wanted them to look like professional pieces of art and not like a do it yourself project that is undertaken at home and so I started the hunt for someone who would help me understand the nuances of picture framing to be able to make it really look worthy.

And I found:

There was this website which believed in shareware of creative skills. And even though it was a paid tutorial service I am glad I grabbed the opportunity because the moment I knew what exactly had to be done, the picture was coming up in a way that I would have wanted. Honestly speaking, even a store bought painting could not give my walls the classy touch that my own photographs were giving. I patted my back and jest fully told myself “Well done, my boy!”

We buy things because we are not able to give the same finish like them:

I realized in course of this exercise that we opt to buy things from stores especially interior designing stores because we do not have the expertise ourselves to create a piece that would reflect class and hopefully not show up any flaws.

But, if we are trained to make it good enough like a market bought piece of art, you will realize that it is a double whammy since you are not only saving wads of currency yourself and also using the investment that you once upon made but also you are giving a personalized touch to your space.

The master copy is always with you:

There is only one piece and no duplication and that makes the effort all worthwhile. A store bought portrait or photograph may be commonplace and can be found in two places. But try searching for the one I have in my home!

Satisfied Client